Introducing Progress Dashboard

Chrome new tab extension to stay productive and keep track of time

Progress Dashboard replaces your boring new tab with powerful time progress and motivation!

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Feature 01

Time Progress

Progress Dashboard comes with Year, Month, Week, Day and Hour Progress.

Feature 02


Progress Dashboard lets you create your own progress bars to stay productive. Highly useful for fixed time tasks.

Feature 03

Beautiful Backgrounds

Modify backgrounds to please your aesthetics. You can change your backgrounds to images, gradients and Trianglify.

Feature 04

Distraction Free

Ships with a Distraction Free Mode to stay producive at all times.

What makes Progress Dashboard great

Catch the features of Progress Dashboard in detail.

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Progress Bars everywhere

Progress Dashboard comes with all kinds of progress bars. Along with predefined Year, Month, and Day Progress, you can build your own progress bars.

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Magnificent Backgrounds

You have daily images, gradients, and Trianglify to choose as background. You'll love these.

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Distraction Free Mode

Want to stay super producive? Turn on Distraction Free Mode and keep a neat new tab.

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Loved by users worldwide


I've been using Progress Dashboard for a few days now and absolutely love it. It's incredible how much a "Day Progress" bar can motivate you.


Fast. Neat and Motivating. Each time I open a new tab, it reminds me how fast the time is moving! Definitely motivates me to be more productive!


This is absolutely terrifying...and brilliant! Helps me become aware of "time-wasting"

Let's install it and stay producive!